We think that -open, accessible- knowledge and -collective, multidisciplinary- research are fundamental in making sense of the transformations of the global economy we are experiencing.

Looking at contextual practices is our primary focus but it can’t be detached from situating these in a “theory-light” and dynamic comprehensive scheme of things.



We want to engage in different kinds of pragmatic research by activating funds and collaborations, to help the ecosystem to take consciousness of itself and most importantly to foster the connection of practices and cultures.

We are researchers, but the real value we can provide in this knowledge collective knowledge building is the network of researchers we are in contact with worldwide.

We think it’s vital to produce clear and punctual synthesis of the vast and often difficult knowledge needed to make sense of this complexity.

Stay tuned

Our first research collaborative projects are on their way to be defined and we are looking forward to start, so stay tuned and contact us if you are interested in collaborating!

In the meanwhile, you can take a look at our Connective Maps or read about our Connective Map:

The Connective Map

In the last two years we engaged in observing and mapping the global emergent ecosystem we like to call “the Commons Economy”, by inputing hundreds of organizations, projects, author, experts, materials and online sources in a gigantic spreadsheet that we obviously want to make public and easily consultable to everyone (as we did up to now).

But the act of collecting contacts and information in such a centralised way does not lack of risks and problems. Not to mention the operative complexity of ordering this wonderful multitude with a useful and non-reductionist framework.

So we decided to take time and have a serious discussion about this great open map of the Commons Economy, to make it a safe and empowering tool for everybody and especially more decentralized as possible.

If you want to help us in this challenge, or simply have experiences to share, contact us at theconnective@protonmail.com.

In the meanwhile, we invite you to explore the P2P Wiki, an enormous and excellent dynamic archive of materials about the Commons Economy managed by the P2P Foundation.

The Connective 2020 - Cooperativa di Produzione e Lavoro