We offer consulting to help individuals and organizations around the world in finding what they need, solving their problems, launching their projects or activating opportunities and collaborations.

Complexity is astonishing: an enormous amount of different skills, knowledge, resources, and contextual expertise is required to launch or sustain any kind of enterprise, being it a multinational company or a local association.


The value we provide...

... is to analyse your specific situation and look up for the optimal response in our vast global network of trusted professionals and organizations.
This is backed by an always updating study of the most relevant trends and transformations in the global economy and culture.

But what does it mean in practice?

We can help you to obtain funding, or adhere to private or public financing calls we daily monitor.

We can help you in seeking specific expertise around the world for prolonged or contingent needs.

We can help you to organize innovative experiences or viral communication actions with artists and spectacle startups.

We can help you to empower your Information and Technology infrastructure to protect your data with innovative decentralized and privacy by-design tech.

We can help you to engage with Commons initiatives, associations and social enterprises for social impact, social marketing or Corporate Social Responsibility actions.

We can help you to connect with global networks, projects and opportunities according to your field of interest.

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