We connect you to what you need.

We connect local innovators with global networks.
We connect cultures and economies of the world.
We connect projects with funds and tools.
We connect technicians with communities.
We connect knowledge and research bodies.
We connect traditional economies with the Commons.
We connect cities for planetary cooperation.

This is what we mean by Connecting the Commons Economy:

Open innovation ecosystems, social enterprises, platform cooperatives, decentralised data management infrastructures, local innovators, peer to peer networks, makerspace and rural labs, bio-hacklabs, token economies, new spaces and new value systems.

A diverse ecosystem emerging on a global scale is experimenting with alternative forms of production, relationships and ownership, with radically new and different logics and practices from those of the mainstream: no longer market competition, based on private ownership and aimed at individual profit but sharing, decentralization and cooperation based on global commons as knowledge, data and the environment for the collective good.

This is not an immediate change...

... but a long process of transformation linked to numerous factors. Today, a minority of agents born within this new paradigm and a wide range of traditional economic actors coexist; the latter will be progressively contaminated by these innovators and processes.

Our bet is that these innovators are building, consciously or not, the foundations for a more sustainable, democratic and efficient social and economic model.

Our most ambitious goal is to think about the socio-technical infrastructuration of this vast and varied ecosystem, preserving the autonomy of local contexts and especially by interacting with the traditional economy.

If you think as we do that knowledge is a common good...

... then you can join us in the mission of enabling communities to contribute to and access globally generated data, software, hardware and skills pools, as well as creating sustainable economic activities based on these globally connected and locally resilient commons.

The biggest achievement is to regain collective data sovereignty so that they can generate value for everybody through the creation of new decentralized and public software infrastructures.

And of course, we want to put all of our efforts in the vital and momentous struggle to make our economy socially and environmentally sustainable.
These elements can and must become the backbone of an economy and society capable of meeting the challenges of the 21st century.

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